About me the maker of Lamelle.

Lamelle is developed because I wanted a steeltongue that included the wishes I have for a steeltongue instrument. I brought them to perfection by trying different kinds of steel and different thicknesses, pitches and shapes. Stainless steel is now my favorite material for these instruments because I like the sound better, there is no rust and the material is stronger then normal steel which keep the tongues on perfect pitch.

Now these quality instruments are available for professional percussionists or amateurs.

I studied Sounddesign (HKU) in Hilversum the Netherlands till 2012.
For getting my bachelor diploma I did a research about the physics of musical instruments and made several musical instruments and sound installations.
You can find these projects on www.jessesmits.nl 


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Lamelle can be tuned to A = 432hz

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9 notes on top, 9 notes on the bottom. That's 18 notes and 2 scales.
Made out of stainless steel for strong notes and no rust issues.

Easy to play and learn, yet sophisticated.

Lamelle is a scale based instrument and not chromatic, that means there are no 'wrong' notes on a Lamelle so that makes it easy for a beginner to create melodies or soundscapes.
Lamelle is also very suitable for experienced percussionists. They can play virtuoso and use percussive tricks and techniques that they've learned on other instruments.


The instrument is custom made to your wishes and my advice. Also 432hz. You'll get your own serial number and autograph by the maker.

Contact me for questions feel free to e-mail or call:

contact@lamelle.nl or call me +31(0)646179912